Looking for Peace

My baby slept peacefully in his crib. His father, my young sailor husband, was away at sea and due home in a few days. Although we were expecting another baby, he had asked for a divorce. The rain outside on that cold November night matched the tears running down my cheeks as my heart broke

Looking for Mr. Wonderful

When I was in high school, I was blessed to have a lot of titles. Cheerleader. Honors Student. Student Body President. But there was one title I found depressing. Dateless. I think I was the only one to graduate from high school without being asked out. Ever. No movies. No fast food jaunts.

I Lost My Job. Where is God?

1992—“the year in the doldrums,” as many called it—was a year of recession, unemployment, and uncertainty. Sound familiar? It was the year Sam lost his job eleven times in twelve months, starting shortly after the birth of our daughter—the year I (Maria) desperately needed to know that God could

Healing after Rape

I was the first child and oldest daughter to loving parents, both committed to Jesus Christ. I could sense the joy and peace that surrounded me within our home. I did not I live a fairy tale existence; indeed some of my happiest memories as a very young child occurred during a time of extreme […]

Queen of Self-Help Needs Help!

I was a “good girl.” While the “wild crowd” took risks in high school and college, my character remained pristine. I observed the dysfunctional people around me and determined not to be like them. “I will rise above that,” I told myself. “I just need the right information,” so I read books to help me be […]

La Chica de la Funeraria

Mi padre era el dueño de la funeraria en nuestro pueblo.  Por eso en nuestras conversaciones entre familia con frecuencia tocábamos el tema de la vida y de la muerte. El temor a la muerte me consumía.  Algunas veces me imaginaba a mi misma  acostada dentro de uno de los ataúdes de la funeraria de […]